*What a flop … maybe.

The Sisterhood,” TLC’s newest reality show about preachers’ wives, back fires.

But the wives tell the press their aim was not to impress the world by pretending to perfect.

As reported by the Christian Post, Ivy Couch, the first lady of Emmanuel Tabernacle church led by her husband Pastor Mark Couch, was prepared for the backlash from some viewers. However, she feels the transparency of the preachers’ wives featured on the show can heal people.

“I think other Christians act like they don’t have problems anymore once they become Christian. So it’s really an opportunity for me to be transparent because I think that’s how we help people heal,” Couch told The Christian Post. “So I think He’s using this reality show, it is going to be groundbreaking and we’re going to upset a lot of people. But I do also think that we’re going to bring a lot of people to know Him personally.”

After “The Sisterhood” premiered Tuesday, countless people took to Twitter and The Christian Post’s exclusive story featuring interviews with cast members to sound off on the show.

“I saw (The) Sisterhood yesterday I was embarrassed being a woman of GOD,” one person tweeted. “Real holy virtuous women don’t act that way. The devil (is) trying to embarrass us.”

Another person took to the CP article, “The Sisterhood Exclusive: Preacher’s Wives Reveal Why They Took to Reality TV,” to call for the cancellation of the television show.

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