bishop larry trotter & grandaughter

Instagram photo of Bishop Larry Trotter of Chicago, Illinois, in the bathtub with his granddaughter that has sparked outrage.

*The church has been in the news too many times over the last nearly 20 years for stories pertaining to pedophilia and sexual deviancy between religious leaders and the members of their church. But, the newest case is more personal.

Earlier this week, Bishop Larry Trotter, who is the senior pastor of mega-church Sweet Holy Spirit Church in Chicago, Illinois, was seen in a photo taking a bubble bath with his granddaughter.

The photo was on his Instagram account and both Bishop Trotter and his granddaughter show huge teethy smiles for the camera. The incident has been viewed as hugely inappropriate and has placed a shadow of deviance over the Bishop.

Pastor John Hannah of the John Hannah Morning Show interviewed Bishop Larry Trotter over the phone to give him an opportunity to address the picture of him and his granddaughter.

Thursday morning, the Bishop had a phone interview with Pastor John Hannah on the John Hannah Morning Show on iHeart Radio – Inspiration 1390 where he revealed that the backlash from the photo has been “hurtful” for him. He described it as a “dark” time for himself and his family since the photo was released.

The Bishop explained in his interview with Pastor Hannah that the photo was totally innocent, but “has become nasty and ugly”:

(Click HERE to read/hear what Bishop Trotter’s response to the outrage is)