apollo & phaedra*Stop the presses! We’ve got a “Donkey Booty” update. 🙂

Yessir buddy. if you didn’t see it, on the last “RHOA,” Phaedra and Apollo were seen taking pictures for the ill named workout workout DVD.

BTW, we’ve got a clip below for you to check out. Oh yeah, thankfully, it’s been renamed “Phine Body Part 1.”

“From the workout that was designed, women are going to get that curvaceous look that they’re wanting,” says Apollo. “I think it’s going to bring that slender look to a woman and pick her posterior up and give her that nice curve that she’s desiring.”

And Phaedra, bless her heart, wants to help you get to the bottom opf things, so to speak.

“When I talk about a donkey booty, that is a firm peachy booty. It’s not shaking. it’s not jiggling. It stands at attention.”

Well, isn’t that what we all want in a booty, er, bottom?