Prince on the cover of this week’s Billboard magazine

*Prince has gone and whipped up a new concoction for his fans.

“Screwdriver” was posted to his official website today via a video that is half-lyric, half-live performance. Prince (sporting a spirit hood) and his band rip through the guitar-dominated tune with such lyrics as, “I’m your driver and you’re my screw,” flashing across the screen. [Scroll down to watch.]

The song comes as Prince covers the new issue of Billboard and surprise gigs in his hometown of Minneapolis.

Also, The Guardian reports that a week or so ago a mysterious new YouTube account was created under the name 3rdEyeGirl. The name matches a Twitter handle started at the beginning of the month that features the following bio: “International Art Thief. Everything you think is true. Underground. Soon to be above.”

Across both platforms a number of brand new recordings from Prince have started to emerge, which is a bit odd considering Prince is notoriously anti-YouTube and is known for blocking unauthorized recordings (he once angered Radiohead by blocking live footage of him covering the band’s Creep at Coachella).

So are these authorized accounts? 3rdEyeGirl are rumored to be Prince’s new backing band (guitarist Donna Grantis, drummer Hannah Ford and bassist Ida Nielsen), and that the “leaks” are part of a new release strategy for a man who hasn’t worked within a typical label structure for almost 20 years.

“Screwdriver” is the latest to emerge from the YouTube account, and was posted today on his official website Listen below.