Qubeey CEO Rocky Wright unveils 2.0 Version at CES 2013 Show

*Southern California-based Qubeey, Inc., innovators of the technology platform revolutionizing Internet communications and access, returns for the second consecutive year to the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to unveil its latest version, Qubeey 2.0, in booth 36156 in the South Hall.

The emerging technology company thrilled CES attendees at CES 2012 with its unparalleled functionality including its assertive communications feature which provides businesses and individuals unprecedented access, instantly and assertively, to users who opt-in. Visit www.qubeey.com.

At CES 2013, Qubeey, in Beta, presents version 2.0, which allows users to integrate content streams and bridge their social networks, increasing access to tailored, user-specific information exponentially. Additionally, new action cards provide real time, interactive notifications of all activity within a user’s social and business networks without him or her ever having to visit those sites on the web or chase e-mails.

“Ultimately our goal is to provide a total communications solution, combining access to social sites, personal content streams, merchandising and purchasing opportunities, and other customized content,” said Rocky Wright, Qubeey CEO and brainchild behind the technology.

“For some users the Internet will become an almost search-free environment with the information they most want being delivered to them on their device of choice, instantly and effortlessly, without having to click anything. It’s all within the Qube, our interface,” Wright said.

“For providers of products, services and information, Qubeey delivers incredible, interactive and assertive reach. Instead of users searching for information about a company, they provide permission for companies they like to communicate directly and interactively with them,” said Marc Brogdon, Qubeey VP, Marketing.

Other 2.0 attributes include faster, easier navigation; enhanced search options; live feeds from all user networks combined; and trending information based on individual user interests.

Qubeey is available on PCs, Macs, iPads, Tablets, mobile phones and soon on gaming devices and smart TVs.

Also at CES 2013, Qubeey will feature two premium channel owners – National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet television host, base jumper and International venom expert Donald Schultz; and acclaimed, multiple award-winning feature film director and actor Bill Duke.

The Qubeey celebs will make appearances to meet booth visitors, discuss latest projects, and share how they are maximizing use of Qubeey’s unmatched functionality to bring to fruition their creative ideas and passions.

On Wednesday, Jan. 9, starting at 11:30 a.m., Schultz promises to make a grand entrance to the Las Vegas Convention Center after a base jump from a hotel on the Las Vegas strip, streamed live through his Qubeey channel in Booth 36156.

On Thursday, Jan. 10, starting at 2 p.m., Duke is scheduled to introduce the trailer for the first interactive film designed exclusively for distribution directly to desktops and other device tops. The project is a collaboration between Duke Media and Qubeey Studios.

To test-drive the Qube, visit www.qubeey.com. For more information, visit www.qubeeypress.com or call 818-826-5970. For on-site interviews and demos, e-mail [email protected].