'real husbands of hollywood' cast*”Real Husbands of Hollywood” made its debut this past Tuesday.

The reviews and rating are in and it looks like BET has got a monster smash hit on its hands.

One of the show’s fans is Ebony writer/blogger Michael Arceneaux.  He sees it as the breakout black comedy that black audiences have been waiting for.

And he says it’s the perfect vehicle for Kevin Hart.

I didn’t have to wait until the end of the series premiere of Real Husbands of Hollywood to channel the late Whitney Houston and declare, “Oh, my Lord, how have I waited for this day.” Based on the segments at the 2011 BET Awards that generated enough acclaim to warrant a full series order, all comedian Kevin Hart had to do was offer something even half as funny as those and it’d still manage to be the best Black comedy to hit television in much too long.

In a November 2012 interview, the stand-up comedian and actor declared to BET.com: “I can honestly go on record saying this show will be what Chappelle’s Show was for Comedy Central. Comedy Central was a great network but Chappelle’s Show took it to a completely different level. Other shows got bigger because so many viewers were watching the Chappelle reruns. For BET, the Real Husbands of Hollywood has that same potential.”

Some took that comparison out of context, but Hart had it right. Real Husbands of Hollywood more than delivers on the promise of those segments and he can now take claim for providing BET with its first original comedy that’s laugh out loud funny with the potential to be a breakout success.

Michael Arcenaux has a lot more to say about “Real Husbands of Hollywood” and Kevin Hart at Ebony.

Check out a couple of hilarious highlights of season 1, episode 1: