rick ross (white fur)*After Monday’s attempted drive-by shooting, rapper Rick Ross might want to do reevaluate how he’s living.

According to TMZ, the former Florida corrections officer has hired 24-hour armed personal security to watch his back in wake of the attack.

As we reported, Ross was targeted in a drive-by shooting in Fort Lauderdale early Monday morning when a car pulled up next to his Rolls-Royce and opened fire. Ross lost control of the vehicle during the incident and crashed into an apartment building.

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But Ross being targeted is not a surprise because he a string of enemies, including other rappers (50 Cent, Young Jeezy) and a Chicago-based gang whose members threatened the rotund rapper’s life through online videos!

The gang, Gangster Disciples, is angry with Ross for his using some of its symbols and logos in his music videos and CDs without paying them for it!

Footage of alleged gang members threatening Ross have surfaced in social media.

In one of the vids, which you can see below, a bunch of dudes – who obviously aren’t choir boys – straight up let Ross know that if he doesn’t pay up there will be consequences.

According to Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra, police are currently shifting through hours of surveillance tapes outside stores on the fancy Las Olas shopping district, where the gunfire erupted.

freeway ricky ross

Freeway Ricky Ross

Oh yeah, and speaking of enemies, we couldn’t help but wonder what rapper Ross’ number one enemy, the man who claims he stole his rap moniker from, Freeway Ricky Ross, has to say about his nemesis’ predicament.

In an interview with HipHopDX, the former drug kingpin said he’s “not surprised” that the shooting occurred because Ross “doesn’t understand the street rules.” That’s why he’s in his current predicament.

“I’m not surprised that it happened given recent ongoings, when someone doesn’t understand the street rules they get confused and incidents like this can take place,” he said. “I’m still dealing with ongoing litigation about something as basic as using my name and identity, that should have been dealt with properly a long time ago.  We covered it in more depth in the Power of the Name Rick Ross piece.”

Additionally, as we also reported, “Freeway” Ricky Ross plans to take rapper Ross and Warner Bros. Records to court this August in the continuing fight over his name. He previously explained that the Maybach Music Group leader has “exploited and misused [his name] since he went to prison” and “made millions off [of it].”