sean paul *Oh boy. You know the saying there is nothing like a woman scorned.

Well, dancehall superstar Sean Paul may get a taste of what this means up close.

The handsome Jamaican is being sued by old flame, Susanne Persson, for $80 million dollars.

She claims he had her illegally deported from Jamaica, repeatedly drove her to suicide attempts, and subjected her to “starvation, homelessness and loss of an ability to generate income,” according to documents filed in the New York City Supreme Court, reports the New York Post.

The lawsuit also names Paul’s record label, Atlantic, and his manager, Steve Wilson. And while one can pretty much assume the lawsuit document is lengthy in itself, this one has something you definitely don’t expect attached to it: A book!

Persson, a blonde from Sweden, has included a 126-page tell-all document entitled, “Irie Jamboree: My Life in Jamaica as a Jet Set Slave with the Enormous Secret of a Love Affair with Jamaica’s Perhaps Most Well-Known Dancehall Artist.”

Now there’s a title you won’t soon forget … if you can remember it. Ok, bad joke. Our bad.  🙂

Anyhow, the book (see the cover below) is said to speak of Paul’s alleged drug deals, murders, lies, and get this: Erection problems.

The pair met in 2010 and Persson accuses Paul of constantly sniffing blow, which lead to his erectile dysfunction. The busty blond also says in her 11-chapter supporting document that “if it [Paul] lasts one minute, it is a good day.”

This woman is pissed! Read more about it at the New York Post.

irie jamboree