*Serena is feeling old these days.

The superstar super athlete says life is going at a different pace because she’s now focused on her career.

“I’m really boring now,” Williams said in a Daily Mail article. “I used to be fun. Now for a fun time do not call me. I think I just got older, and I realized I can’t be that fun girl for the rest of my life. I could be the oldest number one [tennis champion]. I don’t know how that goes with the funnest.”

Serena’s been in the game for a while now, being 31-years-old and starting as a young girl. There’s no more time for fun and games. It’s down to business for the championship tennis player.

In 2012, the Compton native took home her fifth title at the U.S. open, won a gold medal at the Olympics and WTA Championship.

She also became the second woman in history to earn a career Grand Slam.

While success is sure to follow Serena, another big match is approaching soon in Brisbane. But she’s having a hard time concentrating, claiming insomnia is keeping her up at nights.