shaggy*In case you hadn’t heard, Reggae pop star Shaggy is not dead.

Nope, it wasn’t him, so to speak … as far as the death rumors are concerned

Rumor? What rumor? The one about him being stabbed in a bar. That one.

No, Shaggy was not stabbed in a bar fight this week and he sure ain’t dead despite Internet reports to the contrary, reports TMZ.

Once again, the Internet death machine cranked out a rumor that Shaggy kicked the bucket after taking a shiv to the liver during a brawl in L.A..  In fact, someone even updated Shaggy’s Wikipedia page with bogus info.

But lo and behold, Mr. Boombastic lives … and it ain’t the first time he’s been the victim of a cyber-death hoax. It’s happened about a billion times before.

A rep for the Reggae star told TMZ: “[Shaggy] is like a cat with 9 lives … but I can happily report that he’s alive and kicking and in the same building as me right now as we speak.”