sharon leal*Movies and television may be Sharon Leal’s public calling card, but the actress has been working hard to bring more of her musical self to the forefront.

Chatting with EUR’s Lee Bailey, Leal unveiled her alliance with, a web site that provides a platform for funding for various creative projects.  With its independent vibe, the site provided a perfect fit for Leal, who utilized it to fund her debut album.

“I just got interested in it and I liked the idea of really just going for it … for us to just sort of have all the creative control that we needed to keep in place and just sort of do it on our own as an indie project. That was really appealing to me,” the “Why Did I Get Married” film series star said.

Leal’s instincts about Kickstarter paid off as she obtained the $50,000 necessary for the album from a private backer. With the project’s finances taken care of, the path is clear for the entertainer to go full steam with bringing her music to the masses.

Leal’s musical ambitions date back to her days of performing on Broadway in the popular musical “Rent” as well as the film adaptation of the hit play “Dreamgirls.” While an attempt was made to create her first album, the effort was put on the backburner as Leal, who was signed to a record label at the time, was doing her first TV show.

Despite the setback, Leal realizes how close she is now to having her album out.  All in all, the Arizona native is making sure the offering is a true reflection of the artist inside.

“I think right now, because I’m writing so much, I just really wanted to take a very simple indie approach and just try and work out some things that were true to who I was and not sort of start from the outside in, if that makes sense,” the Arizona native explained. “I really wanted to be confident with what we have going on because I think one of the hardest things is just to be authentic to your own sound and what it is that you’re trying to create. So it’s less pressure and just more creative flow, which is what we’re looking for.”

As for the sound of the album, Leal emphasized, “so far, we’ve got this sort of acoustic rock thing going on.”

“More so in the alternative range. We have some soulful things that are simple and acoustic, but definitely guitar driven and more of that alternative sound. That’s where we’re at right now,” former “Hellcats” cast member shared. “The creative process has been really fulfilling and great and, again, it’s just an outlet I can’t seem to ignore. So I’m just enjoying the creative process right now. And hopefully there will be a finished product soon. “

Watch Sharon singing in “Dreamgirls”: