Snoop Dogg speaks during a news conference in Mumbai, Jan. 10, 2013

*Snoop Dogg has just arrived in Mumbai for his first trip to India, which will include the rapper’s performance in the western city of Pune near Mumbai today, and in Gurgaon near Delhi on Sunday.
At a press conference in Mumbai Thursday, Snoop was asked by a reporter from news network Times Now to comment on the recent brutal gang-rape of a young woman in Delhi who later died. Considered one of the most horrific crimes in India in recent memory, the incident has sparked outrage and street demonstrations across the country, as well as inspired leading Indian celebrities to voice support for the rights of women on social media. The protests have also turned violent, leading to the death of a policeman.
Referring to the “current situation in the country” following the incident, the reporter started to ask her question to Snoop but was cut short by a member of his management.
“I should be allowed to put my question to him; it’s up to him if he wants to answer that or not,” said the reporter.
“Let’s ask a different question please,” came the reply from his representative as Snoop Dogg remained silent.
Perhaps invoking past criticism and claims of misogyny in the rapper’s lyrics, the reporter then asked: “How will he adapt his music to the [current] sensibilities of the Indian audience?”
The question was ignored and passed over.
Wearing shiny Rastafarian-tri-colored sunglasses, Snoop arrived two hours late, but patiently answered questions on everything from his first India visit and his fascination with Bollywood to his recent rechristening as Snoop Lion by a Rastafarian priest in Jamaica.