*Yes,  Beyoncé was lip-syncing at the inaugural ceremony.

It’s true. The popular diva star didn’t sing the National Anthem live, but she did a good job on the recording.

But the whole thing blew up on the social media, calling it blaspheme that she sang a pre-recorded version.

“It proves that she is not an authentic artist,” Ave Maria Pospieck-Schnerr of Philadelphia wrote on TODAY’s official Facebook page. “She can’t sing on que [sic] live and sound perfect … proves that she duped the many people watching who thought she was singing live and it proves she is a phony.”

Yikes, Bey is a phony?

Well, to her credit, she didn’t have time to practice with the symphony, besides that, it helps the program move along smoothly, with as few errors as possible.

Analysts say it’s not really a big deal because these types of things happen all the time, especially given the prestige of the occasion.

“If Beyonce had been lip-synching to somebody else’s voice — or her own voice from 10 years ago — that would be one thing,” Thompson tells TODAY.com. “But she was lip-synching to her own voice in a recording that was [reportedly] made on Sunday … Beyonce should be able to lip-synch to something she recorded 24 hours earlier.”

So will she get a chance to recover from this bad press incident?

Perhaps. She’s scheduled to perform at the Super Bowl’s half time show.

We’ll all be listening.

In the meantime, you can get more of this story at TODAY.