rev. al sharpton (speaking from pulpit)*Washington, DC — Rev. Al Sharpton and National Action Network (NAN) issued the following statement in the wake of Rev. Sharpton’s attendance at the White House as the President and Vice President unveiled their gun control proposal.

Given the many murders in cities across the country and the mass shootings in churches, malls, movie theatres and schools over the past year, National Action Network recognizes the importance of restoring normalcy to our communities. We are happy that the President and his administration also saw the urgency and have moved to action on this issue. We fully support the President’s signing 23 executive actions that will protect our communities from gun violence. We also recognize that more needs to be done and we stand united with the President and other groups who urge Congress to take action to better control firearms. We cannot sit silently by while people buy guns without background checks, use guns that are designed for military combat, and/or buy guns with high capacity magazines. These types of weapons should not be on our streets and we will continue to work with the White House, Congress, and the Administration to see that gun violence does not ravage our communities anymore.

National Action Network has long been committed to eradicating gun violence. Over the past year, NAN has fought tirelessly for families who have been victims of gun violence and have occupied corners in New York City to prevent the senseless deaths and injuries that stem from the availability and omnipresence of unnecessary guns.”

Rev. Al Sharpton, President of National Action Network and MSNBC Host



Rachel Noerdlinger
President, Noerdlinger Media
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