Hodari Sababu in “A Hood Life: Hip Hop Guided Tour of Compton”

*For those looking to deepen their history of west coast hip hop, (and find out a little-known secret about one of its most famous rappers), the newly-released documentary short “Hood Life: A Hip-Hop Guided Tour of Compton” seeks to do just that.

Guiding visitors through South Central Los Angeles, where numerous hip-hop icons were born, is none other than The Game’s own stepfather, Hodari Sababu, owner of Hood Life Tours. Sababu leads viewers and a car full of Australian tourists through history lessons about N.W.A., Tupac Shakur, the late Rodney King and OJ Simpson, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

He points out the Figueroa Street “ho-stroll,” the go-to strip for all your prostitution needs and where he used to sell drugs. And he also makes note of the exotic male dance club he and Game’s mom started, hiring mostly beefed-up ex-cons freshly out of jail.

The Game

Sababu reveals that the strip club is also where The Game danced a couple times in a thong, later prompting mockery by 50 Cent.

Other landmarks on the Hood Life tour include Eazy-E’s childhood home, which Sababu points out in a drive-by.

Eazy E’s childhood home

In the short film, the enterprising dad explains the inspiration for Hood Life Tours came from going to his son’s concerts and seeing a rich white audience singing along without any knowledge of what they were singing along to. Says Sababu: “I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be an excellent idea to actually give them then opportunity to actually go to some of these places that the rappers are talking about? Not only go there but be safe and be able to jump out and take pictures in Compton and South Central that they can take back home with them?”

Watch the entire 24-minute video below: