T.I.*In the heat of gun control debates, VP Joe Biden made an assessment on the issue, opening up the doors to criticism and commentary from people like … T.I.

The Georgia based rapper/actor decided to share his thoughts about the issue.  If you recall, T.I. was caught with illegal weapons and therefore has some experience in the area.

He offered to the world that yes, the laws should be revised, but said the blanket ban of guns is the wrong idea.

“I think there should be some adjustments made to the criteria that must be made in order for you to be allowed to have [a gun],” T.I. explained to DJ Buck & Nancy Barrow of Hartford’s 97.3. “The complete overall ban of firearms [is] a bad idea simply because if you do that, then you say the only people who are going to have guns, are the ones willing to break the law to keep them. That means you are putting the guns in the hands of only the criminals.”

America has been enthralled with gun issues over the years, but the issue was brought to front during mass shootings in Colorado and recently at Newtown, Conn. Sandy Hook Elementary School.