T.I.*T.I. is the ‘Rubberband Man’ and knows how to answer questions without actually answering them.

In an interview with The Urban Daily, the rapper/actor (sort of) addressed the rumors about a possible new $75 million deal and a split with Atlantic Records.

“Hey look man I see all that sh-t man,” he said. “I respect my present partners at Atlantic records and had there ever been a separation between them and myself I would respect my new partners in such a way that I’m not gonna sensationalize anything.”

Ok, respect T.I. But seriously, what’s going on?

He’s been faithful to Atlantic for some time, so it could be that time to move on. However he’s not letting up, at least he says he doesn’t want to.

“I’d love to stay where I am. It’d have to be shown that the feeling is mutual and the way you do that is on paper with commitment to dollars.”