*In the second season of “Tia & Tamera,” Style Network’s number one show, the girls are back, but this time they’re attempting to navigate life with new babies and marriages, while being career women.

In an interview with Ebony.com, Tamera chats about her experience while being pregnant on the show.

She’s in her third trimester, expecting to deliver in October, and she’s gushing with love.

“I never knew you could love something so much and he’s not even born yet,” she says. “I never knew how excited I would become just when I see the ultrasound. That’s my way of seeing him and I love that and I can’t wait to meet him.”

Tia’s got a head start on the whole motherhood thing. She says raising her son has been a life-changing experience.

“I’ve learned a lot about myself actually. I’ve learned how to be more patient. When you don’t have a child and you’re a hard worker who’s always on the go, you’re on a fast pace,” Tia says. “But when you have a child you have to learn how to slow down and just be patient. My son gets me to enjoy the simple things in life. I really enjoy just going to the park and spending an hour with him at the park now.  At the park, I’m just another mommy hanging out with the other moms and watching our kids play, and I love that.”

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