Trey Songz*What a way to get his feet wet for the big screen.

Singer Trey Songz has diversified his talent range and worked on the latest version of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre – 3D,” which is out in theaters now.

In an interview with Reuters, he discussed his adventure into something brand new.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but music comes first. I wanted to make sure when I did choose a role, I had time to really get in to it. (Director) John (Luessenhop) came to the studio to meet me for the first time and I told him to give me 24 hours to figure it out. I had just come off tour, I was recording an album and the four weeks I was set to have for vacation would be the four weeks I’d be shooting the film.”

Songz was the first African American to star in any of the franchise flicks. Originally his character was going to be a white guy, but the filmmakers decided to add some flavor this time around.

The interview gets pretty deep as he discusses his childhood a bit and his next film project, “Baggage Claim.”

Check out the full interview here.