bronson pelletier (peeing in airport)*It’s not every day you see just anybody, not to mention a famous, well, Ok, semi-famous, Hollywood actor whip out their ding-a-ling and take a wizz right in the middle of a crowded airport terminal.

Well that was the case for “Twilight” actor Bronson Pelletier, who when sobered up tried to deny he did the deed. But he forgot that in this day and age of smart phones with video, when you do such a stupid, disgusting thing right in front of everybody, you don’t have to remember, ’cause it’s on tape for the world to see … forever!

In the video, an airport employee approaches Pelletier … and then he spins around, whips out his lil’ man and starts peeing … for a very, very LOOONG TIME!

TMZ broke the story … Pelletier was arrested for public intoxication at LAX after getting thrown off a flight for being too drunk.

Witnesses said Pelletier urinated at the gate moments after he was removed from the plane, but the actor has insisted he did no such thing.

If you’re wondering, a rep for Pelletier says the actor realizes he has issues, and will be entering a treatment program for addiction in the near future.