tyrese*So what if Beyoncé lip-synced. Tyrese would have done it too.

The chocolate brown sex object of a singer confessed in a recent interview that people shouldn’t hate on the Pop star queen because the inauguration was a big deal. Duh.

“If I was Beyoncé and it was as cold as it was outside and the whole world is watching, I would have lip-synced too,” Tyrese told Radio.com. “I don’t know if she was lip-syncing or not, that ain’t none of my business. If you think it’s easy to sing the National Anthem while the entire world is looking, try it. A lot of people tend to make comments and throw stones when they don’t do what we do. Shut up. Try it yourself.”

The singer came to his peer’s rescue when the world gasped at her performance… or lack there of.

“She is an amazing singer and she can sing live,” he said. “She has shown to us and proven to us a million times over that she can hold the note and hold all the right notes while she is live. If anybody wants to question the pedigree of Beyoncé Knowles you need to question yourself. That’s my response.”