*Normally a ride or die chick for Weezy, Karrine Steffans seems to be offended by a lyric her good friend Lil Wayne rapped in new song, “Kush And Alcohol (B*tches Love Me).”

No makeup she a 10 and she the best with the head, even better then Karrine.”

Steffans later tweeted, “Word?” and followed up with “It’s all good, Tune Chi taught me.”

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While she didn’t actually say his name, the subsequent tweets appeared to be a bit perturbed or even hurt by something he said.

“The morning after, where everything you said to each other plays over and over in your head,” Karrine tweeted, “When you’re trying to get over it and you know you never will and sh*t will never be the same.”

It’s possible that she thinks Wayne was taking a shot at her as she typed, “Knowing someone meant to hurt you back and did it for everyone to see, though the day you hurt them, you did it in private.”
She added, “When he says there’s nothing in the world he wouldn’t do for you, but, still, he couldn’t manage to not hurt you.”

The tweets could be totally unrelated to whatever Wayne rapped on about. But her bit of sharing (which happens more often than not) was in perfect timing.