*The “Rent is Too Damn High” dude is still making headlines and getting attention from folks like Bill O’Reilly.

Jimmy McMillan, who first became popular for his one-line gubernatorial political campaign, made an appearance on the “O’Reilly Factor” Tuesday night, telling the world he used to be a stripper.

Oh lawd, we done heard it all now.

This whole thing came up while the two were chatting about how some welfare recipients have been withdrawing funds from ATMs at strip clubs, instead of at more reasonable places like, maybe the grocery store.

O’Reilly was skeptical: “Do you think, really, seriously, do you think somebody is going to walk into a strip club just because they want to get their welfare benefits and walk out?”

“Well, I’m a former stripper,” McMillan revealed, shocking the prime time host.

Um, that was uncalled for.

Jimmy got to his point, proposing that “100 percent of strippers are welfare recipients.”

He further explained his stance, saying, “They need that money because they have someone baby-sitting their children so when they get off from work they may have to get money from that machine.”

When Bill, still in shock, asked when he was a stripper, the rent man completely disregarded the question and said he needed money to care for his daughter.

“I’m exposed to Agent Orange and I have a deformed daughter. The government told me ‘we can’t help you with your children.’ My daughter had spina bifida and I needed money to get my daughter’s spina bifida surgery.”

Bill suggested he needs to write a book.

Watch the full clip below: