adrienne and chris bosh*Maybe it was best for Chris Bosh’s wife, Adrienne, to stay quiet about Lil Wayne’s accusations during his All-Star Weekend performance.

The rapper went off on the Miami Heat and threw in “I f*cked Chris Bosh’s wife,” a result of his spilled over anger after being tossed out of a Heat/Lakers game earlier this month.

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Adrienne Bosh is attempting to take the high road, but it wasn’t quite enough not to notice.

She took to Twitter, like they all do, and responded indirectly to the rapper’s tirade by retweeting inspirational quotes written by Dwyane Wade’s girlfriend, actress Gabrielle Union.

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“Some people attack those who have the peace & joy they wish they had!” Union’s tweet read. “Pay them no mind! Live your dream, strut & wave.”

The Cincinnati  native is trying, but her past is creeping back into view, when she was that hot totty chick on Smooth Magazine.

adrienne bosh Before getting with Bosh, Wayne alleges she was a gold digger and scammed him out of a lot of money.

A GlobalGrind source says Adrienne, or “Short Stack” as she was once called, told Weezy she had cancer and needed financial support to deal with her treatment. He supposedly gave her mucho cash and never saw her again.

And as far as Wayne’s comments about sleeping with Mrs. Bosh, the source says, “Wayne would never lie on his d**k.”