timthumb*West Hollywood artist Bronwyn Lundberg has a new piece she has just unveiled and it comes with much controversy but Lundberg is not surprised by the criticisms nor the praises she has received for her work of art, reports The Guardian.

Art no matter the subject or artist has received criticism throughout history. Every art piece has gone through some sort of criticism aside from being praised and loved. Even Da Vinci himself faced criticism for some of his work, artists create from their own mind, their own interpretations of a given subject. Art is meant to be enjoyed and for the viewer to see a piece from that artist’s point of view. When it comes to art their is no right or wrong but an artists’ vision for the world to see. Not everyone will enjoy or like it, but that is the society we live in:  We live in a diverse society with differing tastes and cultures. Some aren’t so accepting, but artists can’t let what one group says keep them from creating, or else the world will be without art.  In the world of art, you can’t please everyone, and lesbian artist Bronwyn Lundberg knows this, as she has crafted her latest the “lesbian last supper.”

In the “Lesbian Last Supper,” Lundberg replaced Jesus with Ellen DeGeneres and Judas with “The L Word” character “Shane McCutcheon.” Other lesbians depicted in the art piece are Wanda Sykes, Portia De Rossi, Rosie O’ Donnell and Rachael Maddow.

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