benny hinn*The son of charismatic Christian evangelist Benny Hinn was detained along with two bodyguards employed by the ministry for allegedly assaulting a  man described as “deaf and dumb” during an evangelistic event in Manaus, Brazil, reports the Christian Post.

The Daily Mail reported Monday that 21-year-old Joshua Hinn, Caleb Shirk, 26, and Konstantins Konstantinovs, 34, apprehended Hestephenson Araujo as he approached minister Hinn during his sermon with a bottle of water. Araujo had reportedly attended the miracle healing crusade on Saturday at the Provos da Amazonia arena in hopes of getting a blessing from Hinn, who claims to have an “anointing,” or special power from God, that gives him the supernatural ability to heal people.

Hinn, Shirk and Konstantins allegedly grabbed Araujo, 21, whom they thought was going to throw water at the minister. They are accused of taking the deaf and dumb man to a trailer where they interrogated and beat him, the Daily Mail reports. Araujo was eventually rescued by police, who had been called to the arena by “concerned members of the public.”

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