beyonce super bowl

*The numbers are in.

Beyoncé’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl failed to pull in more viewers than Madonna’s record breaking 2012 appearance – likely due to fewer people watching Sunday’s matchup than the previous two championship games, according to figures released on Tuesday.

Nielsen figures showed that Beyonce was watched by 104 million viewers, compared to the Material Girl’s audience of 112.5 million. The actual game drew 108.4 million viewers, which is a drop from last season’s tally of 111.3 million viewers.

At CBS’ request the ratings figure from last night did not include the 30-minute power outage in the Superdome. But viewership actually increased after the blackout, as the game measured a 52.9 rating during its final moments, CBS noted.

Not surprisingly, Baltimore ranked first among cities watching the championship game, drawing a 59.6 rating and share of 83 in the city. In second place was New Orleans, where the game was played. The contest drew a 57.1 rating and a 77 share.

San Francisco did not rank in the top 10 cities for viewership.

Meanwhile, CBS drew criticism by the Parents Television Council for not moving quickly enough to bleep out a profanity said by Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco shortly after the game. The game’s MVP was caught by microphones describing his team’s victory as ‘f—— awesome.’

As for social media activity during the game, the company Trendrr TV, which tracks activity on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, estimated there were 47.7 million social media posts during the game. That compares to 17 million during the 2012 Super Bowl and just 3 million the year before that.

Last year’s Super Bowl, when the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots, drew a Nielsen rating of 47.8 and had a share of 71.

The only non-Super Bowl to have reached the 100-million viewer benchmark was the series finale of MASH in 1983.