Chris Dorner*As the LAPD still hunts for the alleged cop killer and former Navy Seal, Christopher Dorner, his ex-girlfriend came forward recently, saying he carried firearms on him throughout their relationship, reports

“He would leave firearms all over my house,” Ariana Williams said. “There’d be one, he’d be in the bed and there’d be one by the bed. There’d be one on the kitchen counter. There may be a combat knife or something, maybe I saw, in the bathroom one day or in the kitchen. He said, ‘You know, you’re always on duty when you’re a cop. You don’t ever know who is watching you or following you.”

The former couple ended their relationship on a bad note. Now she fears for her life.

“I’m kind of looking behind me,” Williams added. “I had the phone on 911 when I opened my door of the apartment, I mean, just, you know, things you would do if you felt like you didn’t know where somebody was and you didn’t end on good terms with him. Why wouldn’t he come after anyone at this point?”