christopher dorner (military uniform)*It’s happening right before our eyes and the haters can’t do anything about it.

We’re referring to the “heroification,” if you will of Christopher Dorner.

The death of  the ex-Los Angeles police officer  in a fiery standoff with authorities has done little to quell online chatter over a man whose rampage against law enforcement created a growing following, according to the Associated Press.

A Mexican crooner sings a traditional ballad titled “El Matapolicias,” or “The Police Killer,” in a video on Facebook with lyrics paying homage to Dorner’s campaign of revenge against the Los Angeles Police Department.

A video game titled “Christopher Dorner’s Last Stand Survival Game” on YouTube arms the player with a handgun to shoot out from the window of a wooden cabin into a snowy, pine-covered terrain. The first frame declares him “A True American Hero.”

While most supporters don’t condone killing people, they saw him as an outlaw hero who raged against powerful forces of authority. They even questioned whether he really died in an inferno in a mountain cabin in a resort town east of Los Angeles on Tuesday.

They wonder whether he escaped or would rise almost phoenix-like out of the ashes to continue a mission of vengeance that left four people dead, including two officers.

Natasha Lopez, a San Diego mother who has studied criminal justice, said she has started a petition asking that an independent agency reopen Dorner’s case with LAPD, in which he alleged he was fired in 2008 after complaining about a supervisor kicking a mentally ill man.

“What about those lives destroyed by the corruption of the police force. What about those Americans who are not part of the law enforcement community who have to live their lives in fear due to negligence of authorities,” she said in an email.

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