wayne k. guillary

LAPD sergeant, Wayne K. Guillary

*Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President Earl Ofari Hutchinson on Thursday, February 15 received from and at the request of released one of eight letters from LAPD sergeant, Wayne K. Guillary, a thirty one year LAPD veteran documenting his fight against racial double standards and retaliation within the LAPD.

While Guillary noted that the department has made substantial changes in its efforts to combat wrongful actions against black officers, he still insists in his series of letters that a pattern of unfair practices toward black officers still exists.

“The letters from Sergeant Guillary, who is a long standing veteran LAPD officer and part of the command staff,  paints a vivid picture of a department still wrestling with its discriminatory racial past,” says Hutchinson,” The letters name names and dates that the unfair discriminatory practices happened. They are a cogent appeal for greater change within the department.”

The text of Gullary’s Letter Documenting “LAPD workplace Inequity” can be read at:


The additional Seven Letters Can be attained on request