*“LAHH 3” star Consequence has a lot of beef with folks. He stopped by 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” to discuss his issues with Kanye West, his baby’s mother Jen The Pen, and why he’s upset with cousin Q-Tip.

“Basically, this is what happened. Q-Tip talks like a girl. Listen, he goes and he tells Kanye behind my back about the baby,” Consequence explained. After the rapper and his girl Jen the Pen had their baby, the couple didn’t receive a gift or a card. “I didn’t want Kanye to know because we were still going through money things and it was nasty. It was a lot of things that was involved. A lot of people who was involved with me and Kanye not bumping no more. When I did the Sway interview, I had flew out to London. We was really trying to make it not go past ‘Man Purses.’”

Back to Kanye, Consequence recalls being tight with him back when he and Kim were allegedly having an affair while she was with Reggie Bush.

check it out the interview: