cornel west obama*When President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. Cornel West was rigid on his position about war during his administration.

Since war has raged on and the president has authorized more troops and even mobilized attacks on Libya, West is not letting up on the heavy hand of criticism.

On the radio show Tavis Smiley hosts, Cornell called Obama a “war criminal” and accused him of being one.

“I think, my dear brother, the chickens are coming home to roost,” West told Smiley. “We’ve been talking about this for a good while, the immorality of drones, dropping bombs on innocent people. It’s been over 200 children so far. These are war crimes.”

According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, 216 children have died in three countries due to the U.S. involvement in unofficial war and drone strikes.

“I think we have to be very honest, let us not be deceived: Nixon, Bush, Obama, they’re war criminals,” West said. “They have killed innocent people in the name of the struggle for freedom, but they’re suspending the law, very much like Wall Street criminals. The law is suspended for them, but the law applies for the rest of us. You and I, brother Tavis, if we kill an innocent person we go to jail, and we’re going to be in there forever.”

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