“Guys With Kids” will reunite Tempestt Bledsoe (Marny) with her “Cosby Show” costar Keshia Knight Pulliam in the season finale of her NBC comedy, set to air later this month.

The former Huxtable girls again play combative sisters, with Marny trying to land a job for Pulliam’s spoiled Bridget. “Bridget just enjoys life and pursues whatever whim comes to mind. She even has a horse overseas,” Pulliam says. “But,” says Bledsoe, “now it’s time for Marny to tell her she’s got to grow up.”

“Guys With Kids” is the first time the women have acted together since “The Cosby Show” ended in 1992.

“I grew up with Keshia. She’s like my sister, so we immediately clicked again,” says Bledsoe, 39. “When producers decided to cast the role they asked me how I’d feel about having Keshia and I said, ‘Absolutely!’ I think they’re fantasizing about having all of ‘The Cosby Show’ cast pop up.”

Unlikely, as Lisa Bonet has declined all reunion invitations. Plus, “Mr. Cosby was very clear about wanting to maintain the purity of the legacy,” says Pulliam, 33, who now oversees a self-esteem camp for young girls in between acting gigs. “Sometimes you tarnish the memory when you beat a dead horse.”

Pulliam shot her scenes in between practice sessions for ABC’s diving competition show, “Splash.”

“I’m dispelling the myth that black girls can’t swim and get their hair wet without freaking out,” she jokes.