deelishis and orlando*Separation doesn’t mean a family still can’t be a family, says Deelishis.

The model with the ample donkey and reality show star told Sister 2 Sister that she and her husband Orlando are separated, not quite divorced.

It’s been a tumultuous ride for the pair, publicly living out their drama together and constantly in headlines. Since it’s come to this and their relationship has been a public affair, Deelishis decided to break the news.

“A failed marriage, especially one that was public,” said Deelishis, “whether they were good or bad stories, we were there together. So to not be together, it’s almost like we owe the world an explanation.”
However, she added, “Really we only owe an explanation to our children and ourselves.”

Though the relationship is in shambles, the pair is still dedicated to raising their children together. In the meantime, she’s finding hope in stable role models like the Obamas.

“I see some of the most beautiful relationships crumble now. Even in the media when I see different couples that are separated. When I saw Heidi Klum? That was shocking,” Deelishis said. “Some relationships give me hope. I look at Barack and Michelle [Obama], and they give me hope.”