deelishis*In the wild world of wacky news, it’s kind of hard to believe some of the strange predicaments celebrities find themselves in, although they sometimes turn out to be true.

Take Deelishis for example. Rumor has it she was attacked by a group of strippers, at least that’s what questionable MediaTakeOut reported. No matter how you say it, it sounds pretty ridiculous and funny, and … absolutely possible. But the (former) reality star and model says that never happened.

So she took to Instagram to go off on the lies, though she wanted to avoid responding to the foolishness in the first place.

“For the 1millionth time this (MediaTakeOut) is a fraudulent site that takes pride in printing fraudulent stories for your entertainment! The headline story printed about ya girl Deelishis is a bold face lie!!! Yes I fractured my wrists & bruised my ankle in an accident involving ice, stairs, Louboutins & clumsiness! However I am fine and will be even better in a few days!”

The post went on and on with thanks to those who support her and she made sure to add the karma piece.

Geeze, don’t be so defensive. It’s just a rumor.