detroit decay*The city of Detroit has been underwater on their bills for a long time and Kwame Kilpatrick can take a lot of the blame for that.

But now, the city is drowning and a life preserver they may not like is set to be thrown to residents.

In a press conference Tuesday, Michigan State Treasurer Andy Dillon alerted the public that the city is stuck in a financial quagmire “that there is no plan in place to correct…”

The declaration made by Dillon’s office was sent to Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, who in turn declared the city is in a “financial emergency” that can only be remedied by outside assistance …an emergency financial manager, according to MSNBC.

The predominantly African American city faces an assortment of disenfranchisement efforts if this happens. Everything from a major push of gentrification projects to a boost of outside business owners reducing the chance of organic African American entrepreneurial efforts. The former beloved mayor of Detroit, Mayor Coleman Young, long ago prophesied that the city would be sold for a quarter to the highest bidder if certain leaders came in and shook the wrong hands.