*Dondre Whitfield, “Sons of Anarchy” star Merle Dandridge and Arjun Gupta of “Nurse Jackie” and have joined the CW pilot “Company Town,” reports

Written by Sera Gamble and directed by Taylor Hackford, it chronicles the aftermath of a scandal at a Naval base, which touches the lives of both civilians and military personnel.

The story follows two early 20-something women — Krista (Gage Golightly) and Page — who grew up together, were once best friends, but now are on opposite sides of the Townie/Military divide.

merle dandridge
Dandridge plays Louise, a Navy Division Director, who is suddenly promoted to Commanding Officer of Naval Service Affairs and put in charge of a group of bases and personnel that’s just become beleaguered by a terrible scandal.

Whitfield will play Don, a combat-trained trauma surgeon working at the Naval base’s hospital who is troubled by the repercussions of a terrible scandal on the base.

Gupta will play Jack, a Navy Chief Petty Officer whose priority is to take care of his jet maintenance crew, but privately he’s nursing big dreams.