Donell Jones at Soul Train Starfest*Love conquers all, and brings back some of R&B’s best singers.

Donell Jones said he’s making a musical comeback, not because he wants to save music, but because he’s been inspired by love.

It’s been three years since he’s come out with something new. But he’s got a new single, “Forever.”

All about love and making the big leap of faith to matrimony, the new song oozes romance with lyrics like, “They say a man ain’t supposed to cry / But I’m crying out to you / ’Cause I see me with you for the rest of my life / Nothing I would rather do than to be here forever.”

But it was love that got him back in the game.

“I met somebody special about seven years ago. It took me a while, [but] I feel like she’s the one…It was what I was feeling at the time, and what I’m feeling right now,” he told S2S in an interview.

Besides that, he thinks it’s time for someone like him to return to the game and teach these young bucks how to really make love through music.

He added, “I think the artists’ storytelling is totally missing in R&B today. [It’s] computer driven; there’s no sense of live instruments in the music. I think everybody in the music business on the radio right now can sing, but it’s different.”

Welcome back.