terrence ross (2013 nba slam dunk champ)

2013 NBA Slam Dunk champ, Terrence Ross, Toronto Rapters

*For all of its faults, the Slam-Dunk Contest is still the best part of the entire NBA All-Star weekend.

The game is pretty much a joke, after all – just a showcase for the biggest talents in the league to forget about defense for a night. The Slam-Dunk contest, though … it’s still pretty cool, and we’re all lucky to have it.

It might not have the big names – no LeBron, no Kobe, no Durant – but, you know, the last few years have been pretty good, aside from all that awkwardness that ensues when a dunk is missed on the first attempt. Terrence Morris and Jeremy Evans sure did put on a good show at this year’s events – though James White really did deserve a higher score for that awesome two-hander from the free throw line.

They match up well with some of the best moments in the Dunk Contest’s history. Forgot about them? Didn’t see them? We’ve made up our list of the Contest’s best moments (and it’s one worst). Take a look!
The best:
Vince Carter, 2000 – This is the greatest. Ever. Hands-down. Sorry, Michael, but the other North Carolina graduate owned the dunk contest. The hand through the basket. The 360-degree windmill. The between-the-legs. It was the most unforgettable moment in the history of the contest. Watch again, and be amazed.

Michael Jordan, 1988 – MJ’s greatest dunk ever? His from-the-free-throw-line slam made us all believe that man could fly. Dominique Wilkins and MJ sure did give us some memorable all-star moments in the 1980s, huh?

Gerald Green, 2008 – It’s too bad Gerald can’t really find a place in the league, because if his dunks are any indication of his true talent, he should be a perennial all-star. Boy, he does have some flair for the slam. Check out his still-amazing “birthday cake” dunk from 2008.

Spud Webb, 1986 – Little man, big air. Miniature 5-foot-7 Spud Webb brought the house down with his slams in 1986. Know who he beat? Dominique Wilkins and Jerome Kersey. That’s something special!
The worst:
Well, we’ll only pick one – but man, it is a bad one. His nickname was the “Birdman,” but he sure did dunk like a penguin. Poor Chris Andersen had a whole bunch of fails at the ’05 contest. Watch, if you like awkwardness.