ted nugent

NRA nut Ted Nugent!

*Maybe the real reason conservatives get all aflutter about “liberal Hollywood,” and the embrace of President Obama by celebrities, is the fact that – way, way, way deep down – they’re jealous of the star-power quality that the left has. The right trots out an ancient Clint Eastwood to yell at a chair, and Kelsey Grammer makes a few supportive statements every so often … that’s about all they got. That’s outweighed by the entire left-leaning cast of Ocean’s Eleven right off the bat.

Let’s compare two high-profile occasions for a minute. For Obama’s inauguration, the president welcomed in James Taylor to sing America the Beautiful, Kelly Clarkson to do God Bless America, and Beyonce to sing (well, sort of) The Star Spangled-Banner. That’s one of America’s vocal treasures, an American Idol winner and pop icon, and a woman who turned the lights out at the Superbowl a week or so later. Okay, so that’s a lot for conservatives to aim for. Now, who did they trot out for the next big political event, the State of the Union address? Well, a loony gun-nut right-wing congressman (from Texas, of course) invited Ted Nugent to the event.

Nugent, of course, is the washed-up 70s-era rocker who has reinvented himself as a conservative gun-rights / hunting advocate talking head on many Fox News shows – perhaps because of the fact that his last bit of non-political social relevancy was the use of his song “Stranglehold” in 1993’s Dazed and Confused. Nugent is an absolute nutcase, too – just take a look at the off-the-wall comments he made threatening Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama a few years ago. By the way, he’s also the same singer who married a 17-year-old girl – when he was 30 years old and has a song called “Wang Dang Sweet P—tang.” One for the family values folks!

So, there’s something to throw back into the face of the right the next time right-wingers get all whiny about how the celebrity support behind the left. Tell them that they’re just jealous of all the talent on the left side – and tell them that the best they could get is Ted Nugent. That should shut them up “right” quick.