valentines candy*Okay, so it may be a few days late, but we still have some Valentines we’d like to send out.

These aren’t like the Valentines you had in elementary school – you know, the ones you got at Wal-Mart that you went ahead and dropped in those little pouches attached to desks.

These are of the electronic variety, showing our love of some of the figures that have made this month memorable. Oh, and we’re not going to be handing out any of those disgusting, chalky hearts, either.

VALENTINE #1: To Leonard Cooper, the young man who made stodgy old Jeopardy awesome for a night. If you haven’t seen Cooper’s amazing (and astounding) performance on the game show from this week, watch it here. Let’s hope that Cooper’s awesomeness helps to bring the afro back in style, too; after all, Andrew Bynum couldn’t do it. Also, “some guy in Normandy” needs to be a meme, right now!

VALENTINE #2: To William Cowan and Tim Scott – the first pair of African-Americans to serve in the senate at the same time. Ideologically, they’re about as far apart as possible (and both were appointed by the governors of their home states as fill-in appointments) but still, it’s a step forward. Let’s hope for more in the Senate for the next election cycle!

VALENTINE #3: To LeBron Raymone James, because we’ve – frankly – never seen anything like you before, and we love watching you work. The last few weeks have been as impressive as anything in the history of American professional sport. We’re not all Heat fans, but we’re all fans of the way you play the game.

VALENTINE #4: To Denzel Washington. Daniel Day-Lewis might have all the momentum for the Best Actor Oscar, but we sure did love you performance in Flight. Even if you don’t win, we’ll still love you – and we’re looking forward to the team-up with Marky Mark in 2 Guns. Oh, and while we’re at it with acting valentines…

VALENTINE #5: To Quvenzhané Wallis Again, Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence look like the favorites – but boy, did we love you in Beasts of the Southern Wild. We’re rooting for you on Oscar night!

VALENTINE #6: To the leader of the free world. That was a great speech, Barack. Now go and deliver on the promises that you made, please.