michelle obama & jimmy fallon (mom dancing)

*When you’re First Lady Michelle Obama, you can’t go on the Jimmy Fallon show, and just post up on the couch and chat.

Nope, you gotta do a skit with the crazy guy and you gotta move. Actually that’s why she was there in the first place (Friday night), to promote her “Let’s Move” fitness agenda.

Sooo, since she was in the house, in only made sense that she and Fallon show off their dance moves. And boy did the ever. With Fallon crossed-dressed as a suburban Mom, they did a skit called “The Evolution of Mom Dancing”

Check ’em out as they do several dances including the  “Out of Sync Electric Slide” and “Just The Hands Part of ‘Single Ladies.’” They were step for step doing all the afore mentioned moves, well for the most part as you will see. But when FLOTUS busted her “Dougie” moves, Fallon knew it was over. 🙂

Watch the funny below: