roy wood jr.*In a world where many accomplishments of the Black race have been well documented for years, comedian Roy Wood Jr. (TBS’ “Sullivan & Son”) will boldly dust off his broadcasting degree and shine a journalistic flash light on the lesser known achievements and icons of today’s generation through his new web series the “New Faces Of Black History.”

Roy courageously answers the hard questions:

* How have Barbershop Bootleggers adjusted to Netflix & Redbox?

* What black couple died the fastest in a horror movie?

* How many times has Samuel L. Jackson said the word ‘Motherf****r’ on screen?

Armed only with a camera and a couple of poorly paid interns (that get most of the facts wrong) Roy is out to entertain the masses. He will post a new episode on 4-5 times a week during the entire month of February that illuminate corners of black history that many people have never seen (because it’s not that important).

In this week’s premier episode Roy takes a closer look at the Barbershop bootleg man:

“Join me in this very important, two-minute documentary as we delve into the world of the Black man in the Black Market world of bootleg DVDs and barbershop hustle sales,” says Roy. “Creative or criminal? You be the judge!”

Now watch and laugh yo’ self silly:

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Note: The Black couple to die the fastest in a horror movie is Omar Epps & Jada Pinkett Smith in ‘Scream 2.’ They died before the opening credits.

(*** The video series “New Faces of Black History” is a spoof and intended for entertainment purposes only. Video link reposting is encouraged. However, please do not add this information to grammar school history books because if you do, your kids will fail.)