brittni mealy*Oh yes, another Future baby’s mother is coming out and embarrassing the socks off the rapper.

In an interview with theYBF, Brittni Mealy (pictured) says he’s a deadbeat and basically doesn’t respect women.

She told the site that as soon as he got signed, he started acting brand new and dropped her and went on to the next.

But before their relationship finally ended, he left a trail of stank.

According to Brittni, he apparently cursed out her mother.

The two met at an Atlanta club where she was an exotic dancer in 2009 (a terrible backdrop to an even more tragic story). They became inseparable friends and eventually developed a relationship. They got a place together and eventually got pregnant.

“Of course it started off perfect, we spent everyday together,” she said. “Whatever I wanted he gave me, it was almost too good to be true! He swept me off my feet, he was my world and I was his. He made me smile (even on the inside), we were best friends! I thought it would never end.”

But with his success came the cheating and problems.

Eventually their worlds collided and the relationship was over.

Now he’s out there, doing his thing and dating Ciara. Brittni says she’s not jealous, but just wants him to step up and be a good father.

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