billy hunter & reporters*In the words of Donald Trump, “Billy Hunter, you’re fired!”

Yep, Hunter, the now former executive director of the NBA players union, formally known as National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) was let go on Saturday after a “bold, decisive vote and public rebuke” as the NY Times put it.

And to make matters worse for him, Hunter remains the subject of a criminal inquiry by the United States Attorney’s Office.

Twenty-four player representatives voted unanimously to terminate Hunter, ending his 16 ½-year tenure. The move was announced by the union president, Derek Fisher, who led the drive to oust Hunter over questionable business practices that have drawn the scrutiny of three government agencies.

“Going forward, we will no longer be divided, misled, misinformed,” Fisher said in a news conference. “This is our union, and we have taken it back.”

The decision to terminate Hunter was made during a lively two-hour meeting that involved elected player representatives and others, including the All-Stars LeBron James and Tyson Chandler.

James and Jerry Stackhouse were the two most forceful voices in the room, according to two people at the meeting. James, the league’s biggest star, and Stackhouse, a respected veteran, “literally drove the discussion” and rallied the players to make the change, the witnesses said. About 40 players participated in the meeting, although several left early to attend to other commitments.

The Times report goes on to state that Hunter, 70, was charged with nepotism, poor management and abuse of union resources in an independent audit released last month.

He remains the subject of a criminal probe by the United States attorney’s office. He is also being investigated by the Labor Department and the New York State attorney general.

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