miguel*Miguel has totally taken the spotlight with “Adorn.”

Or it could be the other way around. Regardless, the man’s song, which is still loved by fans all over the world, must have had some ear crack or something because it’s still being played nonstop.

He says the secret is the language.

“It is one of those powerful words that is barely used,” the singer told Radio.com “But this idea of bestowing your love upon someone, kind of laying it on them, I don’t know, I just kind of like that.”

The bi-racial (Mexican father and an African American mother) singer/songwriter/producer said the song was first inspired during a flight back to California when he was thinking about the word ‘adorn.’

By the time he touched down, he had already thought of the melody, but the lyrics were still swirling around in his mind.

“I went right to the keyboard when I got home and laid down the chords that I had been hearing in my head for the 6-hour flight,” he said. “For some reason this particular night, this moment, playing the chords, these lines started coming.”

The song turned out to be an incredibly sweet ode to his ride or die girlfriend of seven years. He said it was a compilation of all the songs he’s created over the years.

By the way, Sunday night he won a Best R&B Song Grammy for the tune.

Check out the full story at CBS Local.

Watch, listen & groove to “Adorn”: