hadiya pendleton (chin on palm)*Hadiya Pendleton’s suspected killers have been charged and are being held without bail, reports the Associated Press.

Two men whave been detained in connection to the 15-year-old’s tragic death in Chicago.

She was among a slew of young people who attended the inauguration and participated in the D.C. activities. Her death has served as an alarm, bringing America’s attention to the increasing gun issues and murder in the president’s hometown.

A Cook County judge ordered Michael Ward, 18, and Kenneth Williams, 20 to be held without bail after prosecution recounted the events of the night the honor student was killed.

Prosecutors said the suspects were in a vehicle circling the park when they spotted Pendleton and her group of friends, convinced they were rival gang members.

Williams handed Ward a gun, and Ward snuck up on the group and opened fire, shooting at least six times, prosecutors said.

“She was able to make it outside of the park and then collapsed on the street,” Assistant Cook County state’s attorney Jennifer Sexton said.

Pendleton died later that day. Police have not recovered the firearm. Sexton said prosecutors have cell phone records placing Williams near the park on the day of the shooting.

“Ward admitted he snuck up on the group and they didn’t see him coming,” Sexton said.

Both Ward and Williams belong to SUWU gang, which has a long rival history with 4-6 Terror gang.

Kenneth Williams & Michael Ward

Kenneth Williams, 20 and Michael Ward, 18