Man in Harlem reacts to the "new" Harlem Shake craze

Man in Harlem reacts to the “new” Harlem Shake craze

*We all know that the current Harlem Shake viral craze isn’t the real Harlem Shake dance that exploded in the early 2000s — and someone has finally decided to point this out in a public way.

According to, Chris McGuire and Schlepp Films decided to ask people who are actually from Harlem what they thought of the “new” dance, in which a group of people start convulsing haphazardly to a line in Brooklyn-based producer Bauuer’s song that says, “then do the Harlem Shake.”

On 125th Street, right outside of the historic Apollo Theater, passersby of various ages were shown examples of the current craze and asked to respond in the Schlepp Films clip. Their reactions range from incredulity to appalled disbelief, and all of the interviewees are quick to point out that, when it comes to the Harlem Shake, the silly videos are doing it wrong.

“It looks like they’re making fun of it,” says one resident.

Another says, “It’s an absolute mockery of what it was because there’s actually a sense of rhythm that goes along with it.”

Watch below.