zoe saldana & nina simone

Zoe Saldana & Nina Simone

*Although Zoe Saldana has been criticized to no end about playing the role of Nina Simone, she might have to get props for singing in the film as well.

Yes, the actress did a lot of her own singing.

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Co-star David Oyelowo confirmed the news to E! Online.

“She did,” he said. “Whether that will be the case of the movie, I don’t know, but she was there, she learned all those songs, she got Nina down. She was incredible…I think she is going to really surprise people with her performance in that film.”

Maybe we expected that Zoe would be lip syncing, but still it’s not certain that all of the moments in which she performs will be used in the final cut.

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As far as the rights to the songs, there’s been some drama created by that whole bit. While the movie makers needed to contact Nina’s estate for some of the songs, it was necessary to get in contact with others.

“Getting the song rights is complicated… With an artist like Nina, it’s scattered,” said director Cynthia Mort. “We have secured the rights to a number of songs. We’ve also been in contact with Al Schackman, who was Nina’s guitarist. He’s incredibly supportive of the movie.”

Also, if you haven’t heard, Mike Epps as Richard Pryor, and Ella Thomas as Lorraine Hansberry, round out the starring cast, according to Tambay at Shadow and Act.