kelly rowland (at super bowl)*The reaction to the Beyoncé/Destiny’s Child reunion is still rolling in and for the most part is overwhelmingly positive.

We say for “the most part” because Michelle Williams has been catching shade – not only from Keyshia Cole – but from the public at large. One of the the snarky things folks are saying is that home girl is too skinny … she’s needs a cook, etc.

On the other hand, Kelly Rowland is looking real healthy and tight …  like Beyoncé … maybe better, as far as some are concerned. In fact, the tweets and reactions to Rowland’s well-defined arms and toned thighs left many wondering, “How did she get that body?” We know the answer: With the help of personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins. caught up with Jenkins to learn the secret to having a chiseled, jaw-dropping physique like Rowland’s. Did you have a chance to train Kelly in the weeks and days leading up to the Super Bowl?
JEANETTE JENKINS: I’m her trainer. I’ve been working with her for three years. I work with her all the time. [She works out] five days a week. What areas does she try to target when working out?
JENKINS: Kelly’s goal is to be healthy. She works everything. We do all different styles of training. We don’t target one area. We do yoga, pilates, cardio-training, boxing, boot camps and circuit training — she targets everything. It makes no sense to target one area. What kinds of foods do you recommend for her?
JENKINS: It doesn’t matter if she has a big show coming up or she’s going through everyday life — my goal for her is to be healthy. In order to be healthy and to optimize her performance and everyday health, [she must stick] to a meal plan. She eats fresh fruits and vegetables and lean cuts of meat. Twenty percent of the time she can do whatever she wants. I call it the 80/20 rule. She sticks to it.

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